Hae's lyrical message is mostly social commentary, political (or anti-political), and love lost but sometimes found.”

L K Hae

L K Hae is a producer, engineer, and songwriter on Library Collaborative Records. After growing up in the rust-belt firehall and house show punk scene, Hae moved to Washington, D.C. in 2007 to get an education where he became a part of the Northern Virginia music scene playing and touring with various bands up and down the East Coast. Hae moved back to his hometown of Sharon, PA to build Plum Sound Studio and tour with his old band, Distractions, and eventually moved to Pittsburgh in 2014 where he met Library Collaborative.  
While still able to separate the heavy rock from the more mellow, 
blues-driven L K Hae recordings, there is still a sense of the influence on each record.




L K Hae

© Library Collaborative

Track one recorded and engineered by Pete Drivere at Ampreon Recorder. Tracks two through twelve recorded by L K Hae at Library Collaborative. Mixed by L K Hae. Mastered by Matthew Seibel. Album art by Dakarai Akil.

Drums on tracks one, three, five and ten by Dom DeBiasio; tracks two, four, six and eleven by Brendan Evans (Tremoravia); tracks eight and nine by Nick Bello and track twelve by Dr. Chavara.

Electric Bass on track two by Jake McClosky, and tracks three and five by Dave Henry. Upright Bass on tracks eight and nine by The Patrolman, Dean Catania.

Auxiliary vocals on track five by Evin Hunter and track four by Andrew Brest and Brendan Evans (Tremoravia).

Much thanks to everyone mentioned above. Thanks to the old band mates: Pat, Gav, Dean, Kyle, Dave, Doug, Zach, Drews, Tom, Brev, Adam. Thanks to family as always: Mum, Dad, Grama D and Rita, Grandpa Joe, Laura and Kate, baby Rose. Thanks to the Lib Co family for always having my back.
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